Tonight The Stars Descend Re-Release Event

by The Boy With The Little Black Book

Since setting up the different social networking sites for The Boy With The Little Black Book I have been trying to decide on something to do to get the ball rolling as part of my relaunch as it were. After a couple of hours of throwing different ideas around and thinking how each one could be done I decided upon something simple to do, easy to perform and fun for anyone involved.

I decided to create a Facebook event and invite people to join me on my Facebook page at 22:00 (GMT) on Friday night for the re-release of one of my most popular written works, the poem “Tonight The Stars Descend”. The event is scheduled to last around an hour. True, it may not be the greatest plan in the history of greatest plans but it’s something small that has the opportunity to grow. I had a chat with my good friend Wanda who agreed to sponsor the event and I set about working out the finer details.

What I want to do is release a reviewed copy of the poem with any tweaks and additions I might make alongside a series of additional never before read notes. I will be on hand to discuss the poem and any questions people might have with regards to it alongside Wanda Phillips Smith who will be sharing a few words as the sponser of the event. At the end of the hour we will be having a prize draw of which the prize is a copy of Wanda’s “Summer Winds”.


The details for the event are as follows:


Facebook Event: Re-Release Of “Tonight The Stars Descend”. Click here to view the event page.

Where: The Boy With The Little Black Book Facebook Page. Click here to view.

Time: 22:00 – 23:00 GMT

Host: Joshua James

Sponsor: Wanda Phillips Smith

Competition Prize: A free signed copy of WP Smith’s “Summer Winds”.

How To Win: Visit the event page on Facebook by clicking here and inviting your friends to join. Each time a friend comments on the event page saying “I was invited by…” followed by a tag showing your name, you will be entered in a draw so the more friends that you get to do it the more chance of winning you have!

Additional Details: Any questions or inquiries should be sent to all of which I will be happy to answer. Please allow anything up to an hour during the day for a response but I will aim to get straight back to you!


I really hope to see you all there!